Our Expertise

Milling Process

Milling is the process wherein the rice grain is transformed into a form suitable for human consumption. Therefore, it has to be done with utmost care to prevent breakage of the kernel and improve the recovery. Located in the historical city of Punjab, Amritsar, two hi-tech rice mills of ASCW produce the best quality of Basmati rice with a capacity of 535 metric ton in a day. Both plants are having facility of producing white rice, steamed rice and parboiled rice with state of art machinery to ensure consistency in every grain. To ensure our commitment towards environment, we also use rice husk (residue of paddy milling) for producing power which partially fulfills our energy requirements. We have also installed Green Solar Energy which is our an another milestone in order to keep the ecosystem clean and safe.


We understand that technology plays a crucial role in the development of a market. Hence, at Amar Singh Chawal Wala, we have spent years developing a culture of ‘constant improvement, within our organization. This culture is what drive us to understand, adopt and adapt to the growing needs of our consumers. We have two Hi-tech manufacturing units based in Amritsar (Punjab). Each plant is equipped with advanced technology and we’re constantly improving & upgrading our production, harvesting, processing, manufacturing & distribution units to set new quality measures.

Research & Development

The Lal Qilla Team undertakes creative work on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge right from creation of best quality Basmati seeds, its sowing and processing.

Our research and development are often scientific towards reducing the cost of production as well as enhancing the quality of rice by scientific milling and ageing to achieve best cooking results.

New product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company. Keeping this thought in mind, we at Lal Qilla including our farmers have always worked hard and tried to give best to our customers in order to live up to their expectations and go even far above that. Awareness and technical know-how is provided to the farmers in the form of workshops held for them so that they can get information on how to increase the output by using better quality seeds and new methods of cultivation.

Launching of new variants and improving the quality of existing variants has been our primary concern. Thus, we have evolved different varieties suitable for the pocket of each and every consumer.

Further, with an efficient and hardworking team of Research and Development, we always head towards a better future by putting immense efforts to bring something new to our customers each time.

  • Technology for Today, Tomorrow and the Future.
  • Maximizing the knowledge of creation of best quality seeds, its sowing and processing.
  • To provide awareness and technical knowhow to farmers.
  • Launching of new variants.
  • Improvement in the quality of existence variants.
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