Rich & Unforgettable Blend of Tradition

LAL QILLA Basmati rice being a rich and unforgettable blend of tradition and exotic produce optimizes the spit of a unique and incredible India. We bring the finest of Basmati rice to the global palate by bringing unbridled joy to the faces of millions of our consumers worldwide.

Queen of Fragrance

Basmati has a fine aromatic flavor with long and slender grains. It is aged for a considerable period of time to obtain the best cooking results and natural aroma. When cooked, it swells only lengthwise, thereby resulting in long slender grains that are dry, separate and fluffy.


Aromatic Flavor

We specialize in offering premium basmati rice with a distinctive and delightful aroma.


Taste & Texture

This mild nuttiness adds depth to the overall taste profile, making it a versatile choice for various cuisines.


Separate & Fluffy

Our basmati rice’s fluffy & separate look making it an ideal choice for biryanis, pilafs etc.


Long Slender Grains

We focuses on delivering long-grain basmati rice, which is renowned for its slender shape & size.

Mountains of Flavor Basmati Rice & the Himalayan Terroir

The world’s most relished Basmati rice is cultivated in the foothills of The Himalayas. Soil and climate of the Punjab region account for the unique aroma, taste and texture of Basmati rice.

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Taste the Difference

Premium Quality Basmati Rice

Focused quality of highest order and undying faith, LAL QILLA has stormed to new heights and emerged as an undisputed market leader. ASCW is one of the largest rice manufacturing companies of India by any standards. Backed by a team of visionaries and committed professionals, the company has carved a niche for itself and is all set to acquire new ventures world over.

Our Milestones in Rice Industry

Amar Singh Chawal Wala is an ISO 22000, BRC, SA8000:2014, APEDA and HACCP certified leading manufacturer in India of the Purest and Best Quality of Basmati Rice in our various brands. 

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