Embraced Worldwide: One Brand, Countless Lives

Embraced Worldwide: One Brand, Countless Lives

Qilla Excel Basmati Rice

  • pearlll
    Pearl White
  • rice (1)
  • rice
    Long Grains

Following the range of Premium Quality Long Basmati rice, ASCW has introduced Qilla Excel, a new and elongated class of Basmati Rice which is aged for 2 years. It embodies all the attributes of Basmati like pearl white, maximum grain length, smooth texture & firmness. The elongation of grain after cooking delights the most & makes each meal a Royal feast.

Qilla Gold Basmati Rice

  • texturewhite
    Smooth Texture
  • rice2white
    Average Grains

It is another very excellent product of Amar Singh Chawal Wala with average grain length of 8.4 mm and above. It is the steamed rice quality of 1121 Basmati Rice variety and is becoming very popular due to its most competitive price and good cooking results.

Qilla Premium Basmati Rice

  • high-quality
    Premium Quality
  • rice (2)
    Rich Taste

QILLA Premium Basmati Rice, being a rich and unforgettable blend of Basmati and exotic produce optimizes the spirit of a unique and incredible India. We bring the finest of Basmati Rice to the global palate by bringing unbridled joy to the faces of millions of our consumers worldwide.

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